Angela O'Mara

The Key to Elevating Your AESTHETIC Practice

In the competitive world of plastic surgery and medical aesthetics, standing out and establishing a reputable brand is paramount. Angela O’Mara, with her extensive experience and proven track record in PR & Marketing for the medical aesthetic industry, offers invaluable expertise that can significantly elevate your practice and your business. Partnering with Angela O’Mara isn’t just about enhancing visibility; it’s about strategically positioning your brand in a crowded market, connecting with your target audience, and building a trusted image that propels you forward in this highly competitive environment.

Angela’s deep understanding of both the aesthetics world and the media landscape allows her to craft bespoke marketing strategies that resonate with others looking to take their skills and practice to the top. Her ability to tell your story in a compelling and authentic manner, coupled with her skill in navigating the digital and traditional media spaces, ensures that you gain the recognition and credibility you deserve. Whether it’s through public relations, social media campaigns, strategic branding, event development or creative video content design and social strategy, Angela O’Mara’s consultancy can be the catalyst that transforms your practice into a leading name in the world of medical aesthetics.

Angela OMara

Aesthetic Practice Building & Marketing Strategy Consultation

Embark on a transformative journey for your medical aesthetic practice with our Aesthetic Practice Building & Marketing Strategy Consultation. Tailored specifically for aesthetic practices eager to amplify their business acumen and market footprint, this one-hour consultation is a pivotal investment toward achieving unparalleled excellence as we begin to travel the path to success together.

Business Building, Marketing and In-Depth Review Consultation

Elevate your practice to new heights with our Business Building, Marketing & In-Depth Review Consultation, an essential investment for practitioners committed to remarkable growth and superior operational performance. Step into your future with a focused 2.5-hour session dive into the nuances of your practice. This consultation is designed to reshape your business and your practice. 

Aesthetic Inner-Circle Business Mastermind Coaching

Embark on a transformative journey with Angela O’Mara’s Aesthetic Inner-Circle Business Mastermind Coaching Program, tailored exclusively for aesthetic medical professionals. This program combines the strategic depth of the Business Building In-Depth Review with ongoing, personalized mastermind coaching to personalize and revolutionize your practice.

Discover The Power of PR Audio Series from Angela O'Mara

Power of PR Audio Series

Appearances on TV, interviews on podcasts and articles in print publications continues to be the most effective and credible method of promotion. If you want your brand and message to be seen and heard by millions, learning how to develop a PR and branding media campaign will save you time and money when you are ready to hire that agency. The POWER of PR Audio Series has 4 tracks of informative and inciteful tips and teachings to show you how to create a personalized PR campaign.